Xilinx Spartan-3A Evaluation Kit

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The Xilinx Spartan™-3A Evaluation Kit provides an easy to use, low cost platform for experimenting and prototyping applications based on the Xilinx Spartan™-3A FPGA family. Designed as an entry level kit, first time FPGA designers will find the board´s functions straight forward and practical, while advanced users will appreciate some of the unique capabilities included in the board design.
The Spartan™-3A board uses the 400,000 gate 3S400A FPGA from Xilinx. With over 8,000 logic cells available, this FPGA is ideal for exploring general logic designs as well as DSP and MicroBlaze based embedded processing applications. Besides the FPGA, the board also includes a Cypress PSoC Mixed Signal Array which functions as a "companion chip" to the Spartan™-3A. The PSoC device is pre-configured to enable direct programming of the FPGA, SPI Flash memory, and parallel Flash memory through a Windows-based programming application. Spansion SPI and parallel Flash memories are included for FPGA configuration storage, code storage and data file storage. The board´s cost optimized power supply from Texas Instruments allows for powering from either a USB port or a 5 V AC/DC wall adapter. Other general purpose peripherals like switches, LEDs, user I/O, and clocks round out the board functions. The part number of this xilix product is AES-SP3A-EVAL400-G

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